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I once overhead a business owner chatting with someone else in a room. I don’t remember much of what was said but the part that caught my attention was “…me, I don’t like stress…” I remember thinking to myself, “then why are you in business?” The reality is that business is synonymous with stress. Anyone who doesn’t like problems should consider doing something else because that’s all you deal with every day – problems!

Since problems are a part of our business lives, getting better at overcoming business challenges is an investment that will always yield tremendous results.

So how do you get better at problem solving? Here are a few thoughts around the things that have helped me:

Turn on the lights: Perhaps the first thing you do in a dark room is to turn on the lights so you see where you’re going. In the same way, the first thing I consider doing is getting understanding of the problem i.e. additional information that aids my understanding of the issues I have to deal with. This may be from google, YouTube, a book or from any other source. Someone somewhere has provided further insights into every problem you may face and knowing what they knew is always helpful.

Just like the introduction of light does not change the way the room is, the acquisition of new information does not change the problem but it helps in determining the action required to make a change. As a business owner, you want to make decisions from an informed perspective. Many people take decisions without the appropriate information and sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t. Information provides clarity of direction.

Internal Switch: Almost every problem you will face in life will require at least a mindset shift from you. The question is this: are you willing to make that change? You can only rise to the level of the changes you are willing to make in the way you think. Ask yourself: What new way of thinking is required for me to overcome this problem?

Seeking New Relationships: This is especially helpful when you have a problem that has lingered for a long time. It may be time to seek better relationships with people who can help “upgrade” your thinking and approach. In some cases, these people are also able to introduce you to new opportunities that take away the problem altogether.

In my experience, every problem can be solved within the context of one or more of the points mentioned above. Perhaps the toughest one of all is changing the way you think thereby changing your approach in a lot of instances. I have found that the people that thrive in any situation are the ones quickest to adopt the right mindset required for a change.

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