Some of our Clients

70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership. It’s rarely for lack of smarts or vision.

- Ram Charan: Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done

Strategy is Execution

- Yomi Awobokun: CEO ENYO Retail & Supply, Former CEO, Oando Downstream

Like every other year, most businesses will hold their strategy retreats but fail to achieve their growth goals.

BPI Advisory helps teams achieve their growth goals by ensuring clarity of purpose, promoting collaboration, instilling personal accountability and keeping score of progress.

We are Business Execution professionals with the skills required to power your organization to deliver business critical results regardless of the uncertainties and obstacles that you face

What we will do

- Help with facilitating your strategy retreat

- Assist with implementing the strategy developed at least over an initial 6 month period.

What to expect

- Organisation or functional team moves closer to its goals, guaranteed! – we have helped our clients achieve at least 50% of their growth goals!

- Crystal clear understanding of the organisation’s ‘win’ with measurable results

- Superior, consistent and predictable performance

- Highly effective teams working together for a common cause

Case Studies

Case 1: 100% Revenue Growth for a Manufacturing Firm in three years

This manufacturing company located in Lagos had been experiencing dwindling sales.

To improve the company’s performance, we:

  • Reviewed the current state of the business and identified key areas of strength to be leveraged;
  • Articulated the Company’s value proposition and potential in a viable business plan document with accompanying financials;
  • Assisted in making presentations to fund providers to provide working capital funding;
  • Assisted with recruiting sales representatives to sell more of the company’s products;
  • Revised the go-to-market strategy; and
  • Managed the roll out of defined and provided continuous monitoring to ensure improved performance

Case 2: 60% Target Achieved for a Content Development Company

The company had been struggling to kick off its operations as key personnel appeared to lack direction and a compelling force to take action.

Working with the CEO, we:

  • Assisted with rallying key team members to create unifying set of objectives;
  • Assisted with developing a roadmap to achieving set goals and we support the team’s content acquisition efforts;
  • Provided a platform for updates and escalating issues related to the project; and
  • Held team members accountable for set goals and objectives