Our Operational Efficiency Consulting Services leverages our wealth of experience serving clients in the private and public sector across the five pillars of business.

We have structured our consulting services along the lines of the pillars we believe are critical to building great and enduring organisations. Specifically, our consulting services include:

  • Strategy:
    • Business Diagnosis and Strategy Formulation
    • Strategy Validation
    • Facilitation of Business Strategy Retreats
    • Business Plan/ Feasibility Studies Documentation

  • Customer Acquisition, Products & Channels;
    • Customer Acquisition Strategy Development
    • Research and Market Intelligence
    • Product Validation and Customer Surveys

  • Service Delivery and Retention:
    • Operations / Policies and Procedures Manual Development
    • Business Process Optimization
    • Business Process Review, Development and Improvement

  • Organisation Structure and People; 
    • Corporate Governance/ Organization Structure Review and Design
    • Staff Fit Assessment, Manning Analysis, Job Profiling and Job Descriptions Documentation
    • Performance Management System Design and Implementation
    • Compensation Survey
    • Training and Development
    • Change and Project Management

  • Monetization, Reporting and Compliance:
    • Financial Management
    • Financial Modelling/ Forecasting
    • Project Investment Advisory
    • Other Compliance*

* We work closely with our partners in delivering value-added services to customers.

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Case Studies

Case 1 Organisation Design for a Lubricants Blending Company in Northern Nigeria

Our client had overlapping roles and functions as well as personnel who had little or no room for growth within the organization.

On this project, we:

  • Held focused group discussions with key personnel within the organization to understand their issues;
  • Presented the issues identified to management to capture and validate their concerns as well;
  • Reviewed and redesigned the organization structure with a performance focused grading system and manning analysis;
  • Designed a performance management system for the organization; and
  • Advised on personnel fit for each key role in the organization.

The results from our exercise delighted the customer as there were visible changes in employees’ attitude to work as well as in their productivity.

Case 2: Business Diagnostic Review and Enterprise Transformation for a Telecommunications Engineering Service Provider

The Company is as an engineering service company dedicated to providing high quality and cost-effective telecommunications and engineering services to its customers.

In a bid to grow/ expand the business, the Company requested BPI Advisory to

  • Develop scalable structures to ensure business continuity and end-to-end service delivery to clients;
  • Review employee’s working terms and conditions to promote a sense of responsibility within the organisation.
  • Document standard operating procedures for key functional areas of the business.
  • Conduct a current state assessment of the Company with a view to recommending a suitable business and personnel operating model for the business going forward; and
  • Ensure the implementation of the agreed future operating model to ensure compliance and ultimately a result-oriented organisation

BPI was responsible for reviewing the following:

  • “As-Is” Process Documentation
  • Risk Control Matrix Documentation
  • “To-Be” Process Documentation
  • “As-Is” and “To-Be” Organisation Structure
  • Performance Management System
  • Staff Requirements Documentation

In addition, we facilitated the Company’s strategy retreat where we articulated the strategic direction for the company as well as an implementation roadmap in line with their objectives.

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